MCT was founded in Januray 2005 by former employees of Carl Schenck AG, Darmstadt. This traditional Darmstadt company was well known for a long period of time in a wide range of high technology products and in a particular scale in servo-hydraulic materials and components testing. With their knowledge and experience, MCT guarantees world wide an equitable high standard of quality in servo - hydraulic testing equipments and components.

Also the relevant machinery and other equipment for manufacturing actuators were taken over after Schenck stepped out of that business, which also ensures the capability of executing service, repair and refurbishment work.

MCT started to step in the niche market of high dynamic servo hydraulic testing equipment to serve the world market with solutions in that special field based on long term vision

End of 2013 MCT shifted the operative activities, henceforward in realignment of activites MCT focuse on engineering and development of products and software in the field of servo hydraulic dynamic testing specially in modifications and adapting of the relevant rotary and linear actuators to customers special needs in order to achieve extraordinary solutions. Herewith also special testing systems were developed. The high expertise in that field is practised in a joint venture with CRIMS, Changchun Research Institute for Mechanical Science Co. Ltd., to be of service in China and the Asia territories.